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A Division of Travel Corp dedicated to Rugby Teams' travel

Rugby Travel understands the needs of rugby teams on the road. From local clubs to the National Team we handle most of the rugby travel for the USA teams. Whether it's a club away game to a complete tour overseas with fixtures, flights and accommodation, you'll get top-notch service you simply cannot find elsewhere.

For instance, we are the only travel agency to offer final ticketing up to the day before departure! This means you can change names if someone's been injured during Thursday's practice!

James 'Jim Bob' Glabman, co-owner of Rugby Travel has been known to send out 9 groups in a week and spends 90% of his time just handling rugby groups. Jim Bob is a former Denver Barbarian player, general manager and President of the Club.

Michael de Jong, owner of TravelCorp and co-owner of Rugby Travel, played for the USA National Team in the early 90's. After retiring from the field at the end of the 91 World Cup Michael went on to manage the National Team and coach the backs through the 99 World Cup.

Every Rugby Group Trip is different, but for most groups we can provide all the following special services:

Great prices with group booking discounts in most cases
(Minimum 10 or more on most airlines)

Ticketing the day before departure!
This means you can change names due to injury after Thursday's practice!

E-tickets means no worry about losing valuable paper tickets

No advance deposits

No Saturday night stay required

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