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Save Money On Every Trip with TravelCorp's Value-Added Services

FARE CHISELER ensures the best fare!

Fare Chiseler can save you money on tickets that have already been issued! Fare Chiseler checks 'round the clock to see of the fare has gone down, until 24 hours prior to your flight. Since airlines change their pricing thousands of times everyday there is a good chance your fare may decline. If it does, we will exchange the ticket for you to get the lower fare -- and refund or credit the difference o your credit card!

SEGMENT TRACKER keeps tabs on refundable tickets

There may be money hidden in your unused flight segments! Segment Checker tracks electronic tickets for unused segments and reports those segments that may be refunded or used on the traveler's future flights. By eliminating lost or unused segments, this may save you or your company money.


The automated Routing Checker checks each ticket to see if there may be a cheaper fare by way of an alternate route or airline. Based on your preferences for total travel and connection time, we set the software to search for alternate flight routes and let the software do its thing. It's one more trick in our bag to help you get the best fare for any domestic or international trip.

Add Comfort to Your Trip with TravelCorp's Value-Added Services


Now it's possible to improve your chances of getting an aisle seat close to the front -- and avoid the discomfort of the dreaded middle seat! Seat Scout goes to work if you favorite seat is not immediately available at the time of reservation. Airlines periodically release the many prime seats they have held back or people may cancel their trip and a better seat becomes available. Seat Scout works 24 hours a day prior to your departure to find and secure a better seat for you until your preferred seat choice is located.

UPGRADE MONITOR helps get you the upgrade you deserve!

Getting upgraded is now easier than ever! No matter what frequent flyer program you're in, our system will automatically attempt to upgrade you, based on the ruses of the particular airline's program. Right up to the day of your flight Upgrade Monitor works to secure your upgrade. The moment your upgrade is allowed, Upgrade Checker automatically does it for you.

PERSONAL TRAVEL PROFILES plus AUTOMATED QUALITY CONTROL makes every trip smooth and comfortable!

You are assured that every single travel arrangement we make for you will meet your specific requirements. When you first become a client we create a comprehensive Personal Profile that includes all your preferences. Based on your Personal Travel Profile, up to 150 quality checks are automatically performed when a reservation is made. The Quality Control Manager then alerts your Travel Manager of any changes that need to be made before ticketing.

Click here to fill out your confidential Personal Travel Profile.

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